Gourmet Coffee Fresh Roasted In South Florida


Avita's Exclusive Gourmet Coffees

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Since 2003


A perfect balance of Arabica coffees each roasted to perfection then combined to assure a rich distinctive flavor. Choose from such delicious gourmet coffees as 100% Colombian Supremo, Café Espresso, Café Fuerte Dark Roast and Decaffeinated. All of our Avita Coffees are fresh roasted in South Florida. Avita Coffee is now available nationwide for office, home, wholesale and retail.


There's a Roast for everyone.

There are few people I know, as dedicated to their craft as the folks at Avita Coffee. Avita exceeds expectations by offering great coffee!
— Adam
Unmatched service and professionalism. Will recommend to everyone!
— Pete
Avita Coffee’s Dark Roast whole bean coffee is tough to beat.....Awesome!!
— Steve