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Would you like to offer your customers, employees and visitors the best tasting fresh roasted coffees in the world? Do you want to offer new and unique products to increase your sales? Why not contact our wholesale coffee department to receive a free sample. Whether you need bulk fractional packs, whole bean, cold brew coffee or retail coffee packs we have you covered. 

At Avita Coffee we can provide you with fresh roasted coffeehouse quality every time. Since 2003 South Floridians have enjoyed Avita Coffee in offices, restaurants and homes. 

Our rigorously screened green coffees arrive in Miami and are delivered to our coffee roaster. Our coffees are then fresh roasted in small batches and sealed to ensure peak freshness. We then ship our coffee and espresso directly to you. This keeps our coffee as fresh as possible for maximum flavor. 

At Avita Coffee we provide superior quality wholesale coffee supplies at a competitive price. Our main goal is providing the highest quality coffee, by delivering value, consistency, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Consider Avita Coffee for your coffee and espresso needs. Your customers will appreciate you offering fresh roasted gourmet coffee. We provide FREE LOCAL DELIVERY to you in our service area.

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Please fill out your contact information below to set up a tasting for your business. One of our wholesale coffee representatives will contact you. You can also reach us by phone at 561-995-0700 or e-mail us at Our wholesale coffee division is ready to help you find the best coffees and espresso for your business.

We want to be your coffee supplier and we look forward to hearing from you!

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