Dear Coffee

We really love you! One of the reasons we love coffee is all the great ways there are to prepare it. There’s cold brew coffee, iced coffee, espresso coffee, pour over coffee and more.  Perhaps the most popular way to enjoy coffee is brewed hot with a traditional drip coffee maker. It’s our favorite way to drink coffee. What’s the best way to make a great tasting cup of coffee at home with a drip coffee maker?  Here’s our coffee brewing suggestions:

  • Use a quality coffee that is fresh roasted.
  • Use two rounded tablespoons of coffee for each 6 ounces of water. Adjust to taste.
  • Use filtered or bottled water. Coffee is over 98% water. 
  • Store your coffee in a cool, dry location. Avoid storing your coffee in the refrigerator.

Florida Coffee Beans

Our coffees aren’t actually grown here in Florida. They are imported to Florida from such countries as Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.  Our rigorously screened coffees arrive in Miami and are delivered to our coffee roaster. Our coffees are then fresh roasted in small batches and sealed to ensure peak freshness. Our main goal is providing the highest quality coffee, by delivering value, consistency, and guaranteed satisfaction. That’s why we say our coffee beans are Florida Fresh roasted.

Roasting Process

Welcome to our Avita Coffee Blog! We hope you enjoy it. We strongly recommend reading our blog while drinking lots of coffee. It can make our blog posts appear more exciting than they actually are.

For our first entry on our new website we’d like to tell you about our coffee roasting process. We are extremely lucky that our coffee roaster has 40 years of experience in the coffee industry. Part of his expertise is purchasing green coffee beans.  We use high quality coffees which we cup prior to roasting. All of our coffees are roasted to order in small batches. We then tightly seal them to lock in their freshness and ship them directly to you. This means your coffee hasn’t been sitting around a warehouse and losing its flavor. Our fresh roasted coffee is strong, but not burnt and bitter, with a rich full bodied taste.

Since 2003 we have delivered millions of cups of coffee to our satisfied customers throughout South Florida.  Our combination of quality coffee, experience and timing permit us to give you a cup of coffee that you’ll enjoy every day.