Foodservice Coffee Roasters

Do you operate a gourmet restaurant in New York City or a chain of hotels in California? Would you like to offer your guests a delicous fresh roasted cup of coffee? If so, then our Foodservice Division can help you. We provide fresh roasted coffee from Miami shipped for free directly to you. 

 Avita Food Service Frac Packs

Avita Food Service Frac Packs

Offer your guests whole bean French Roast or ground Donust Shop fractional packs with free coffee filters included in each case. 

 100% Colombian Supremo ~ Avita’s full-bodied coffee has an even balance and sweet aromatic taste.

      Decaf ~ Naturally decaffeinated without chemicals to preserve the taste.

      Premium Blend ~ A perfect balance of Arabica coffees, each roasted to perfection then combined to assure a rich, distinctive flavor.

      Donut Shop ~ Save a trip to the coffee shop.  This great “regular” coffee is rich and smooth and can be enjoyed all day long!


      100% Colombian Supremo ~ No other country produces more fine quality coffee than Colombia.

      Guatemala Antigua ~ Antigua is the oldest coffee growing region in the Guatemala.  This coffee is full bodied coffee with floral undertones.

      French Roast ~ We take Colombian Supremo beans and roast them up to 435 degrees.  This produces a dark oily bean that is full of body and rich in the cup.

      Decaf ~ Naturally decaffeinated whole beans.

Contact us today at  and cross coffee off your to do list. 

Jim Clancy

Avita Coffee, 950 Peninsula Corp Circle, Boca Raton, FL, 33487