We have a true passion for coffee.


Avita Coffee, coffee roasters and wholesalers, is a family owned gourmet coffee company based in South Florida. Since 2003 South Floridians have enjoyed Avita Coffee in cafeterías, restaurants and offices. After countless requests we have made our gourmet Arabica coffees available for your home.

Our rigorously screened coffees arrive in Miami and are delivered to our coffee roaster. Our coffees are then fresh roasted in small batches and sealed to ensure peak freshness. We then ship our coffee directly to our customers. This keeps our coffee as fresh as possible for maximum flavor. We only sell Florida Fresh Coffee!


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At Avita Coffee, South Florida's best coffee company, our customer service department will be able to handle your needs. Whether you need to schedule a bulk delivery, talk to your sales rep or ask about our latest coffees, our customer service department will handle your inquiry and get you to the person who can get you the resolution you are looking for.

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